Clayton Ingalls

Web developer



I'm a frontend developer with expertise in React. Over my career I've worked with client-side React, Next, Gatsby, and Remix. Of course it wouldn't be much of frontend career without some jQuery and a variety of CSS libraries thrown in there.

Since frontend is now largely full-stack, I also have experience with Node, Express, SQL, MongoDB, and GraphQL. I'm always learning and looking for new challenges.

I love that moment when a problem has been turned into a solution and when everything works as it's designed.

While I like cool design, I tend to be a minimalist when the design style is up to me. I like to do what is needed in order to keep the focus on the central ideas.

In additon to coding, I'm a Nashville native, but live just outside of Atlanta. And I'm a husband.



This is a personal passion project. As enthusiastic board gamers, my family has recorded what games we play on Board Game Geek (BGG) since 2009. At the end of each year I ask questions about the games we played over the last year. There were no tools that answered the exact questions I wanted to answer. Things like "How many games did I play with just my wife and kids? How many games did each of us win?" (My wife wins the most. 👩‍❤️👨)

So in my free time I built this app to let me easily drill down to the data I wanted.

It uses React with Tailwind and Headless UI on the front end. BGG has an API to retrieve data. I use fetch-retry to manage an exponential backoff retry strategy in order to not be blocked by the BGG API. Then the data is stored in the browser's IndexedDB to make filtering the data very fast.

This was a lot of fun to build and I got to explore a variety of technologies and coding strategies that I hadn't worked with before, like piping from functional programming, exponential backing off, and IndexedDB.


Frontend Developer
Mar 2022 - present

The Role: I build new product features with React, in partnership with sprint teams, and help maintain the existing codebase.

I'm particularly proud of completing a mission critical new frontend for our login flow and adding a UI for recurring payments to our payments and donation features. I also fixed a persnickety bug that was caused when React interacted with our legacy app, which has made the smoothness and stability of our overall app much better.


Senior Application Developer
Oct 2021 - Feb 2022

I built proof of concept apps in Next and Remix to help the organization explore moving their core application to serverside React with a Salesforce backend.

I massively improved the developer experience by refactoring legacy code from a few multi-thousand lined files into many smaller files bundled with Webpack.

I improved mobile responsiveness of the primary client-facing application.


Frontend Web Developer
Sep 2018 - Sep 2021

The Role: I build new product features with React, in partnership with sprint teams, and help maintain the existing codebase.

I replaced a legacy application with React and Material UI to manage the writing, approving, and sending of 1,000,000 texts and emails per year.

I designed and built an internal staff site for the sharing and requesting of resources with React,, and custom CSS..

I led the implementation of notifications and universal links in our React Native app

I partnered with coworker to develop the table structures and API endpoints for a contact management feature in our mobile app using React and Knex.

I worked with a client to develop an executable Node application to retrieve specified data and save it as a local excel file.